Teacosy Competition News


First of all: thanks to everyone who entered a tea cosy into our competition - they were all absolutely fabulous and it was great to see them all coming in. And also thanks to everyone who came into the shop in the last two weeks to give us your vote, we hope everyone enjoyed this competition as much as we did :)

Now.. drumroll please!

Our winners are:

  • Best Overall Tea Cosy: Fabienne Herbert with the red Tweeting Cosy

  • Best Original Design: Anne Duffin with Donegal Winter

  • Best Mug/Cafetiere Cosy: Lilly Rosenberg with her Mug Hug

  • Best Alternative Use: Helen McCabe with Teaddy Bear

Tea cosy competition winners


The second place prizes go to:

  • Best Overall Tea Cosy: Róisín Kelly with Austeri-tea

  • Best Original Design: Michaela Markova with Earl Black

  • Best Mug/Cafetiere Cosy: Rosemary Murphy with Cabana Cafetiere Cosy

There were also three prizes for honorable mentions for the following tea cosies:

  • Heidi Falstrom with Mushroom & Gnome Home

  • Martina Wall with Green Rose

  • Elizabeth King with Victorian Pale Blue Ruffles

Runner-Ups and Honorable Mentions

Spread the Word

Well January is well under way and so is tea-cosy production. We’ve been hearing about lots of plans and items under construction and are delighted with the enthusiasm being shown for our competition.

We've also been thrilled by the photos people have been sending in and can't wait to see the cosies ‘in the flesh’, so to speak. It’s been great to be able to follow the progress of your creations and hope that more people will take snaps of their masterpieces as they work on them and send the photos on to us for inclusion in the gallery.

So far we've had photos of knitted cosies, crocheted cosies and one felted cosy. We also know of at least one sewn cosy in the pipeline and are dying to see the photos. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

And for anyone who'd like to spread the word about our competition, here is a link to a printable poster. Maybe you could stick up on a staff notice-board at work or anywhere you think interested people could see it.

New Year, New Yarn!

The problem with this philosophy is that in order to make room for all the pretty yarns that will no doubt come our way in 2013 we will first need to use up some of the (also pretty!) yarn already in our stash. Who doesn't have a big bag of left overs stashed away somewhere? Or a few odd balls in different colours? Tea cosies are just perfect to knit up some of these odds and ends. Tea cosies don't have to follow any rules, be perfectly matchy-matchy - this is your chance to knit something crazy! And make a dent in that stash while you're at it :)

An excellent example of using your left over yarns is the tea cosy pattern Scraps And Sympathy by Rose Anne from http://sheknitupthatball.com/blog/ :

So how is everyone getting on with their tea cosies? Don't forget to send us some pictures of your in-progress or finished cosies on twitter (using hashtag #tckteacosy) or at tckteacosy@gmail.com!

Merry Christmas!

A very happy Christmas to everyone! With Stephen's Day upon us, all the handmade gifts finished and passed on to delighted recipients (you did finish them in time, right?) we now have a few quiet days ahead of us before the end of the year. A perfect time to start stash diving and pattern hunting for your tea cosy! Find a quiet corner away from any mayhem, make a cup of tea and let the fun begin :)
A few of our participants have been quietly working away already, and have made some great progress!
Squares for tea cosy
Someone found a whole stack of little knitted squares that were once destined to become a blanket, which have now been repurposed as tea cosy material
Crochet progress
This crochet tea cosy is coming along very nicely. While its creator is quite the crochet expert, this is her first ever tea cosy, a great opportunity to try something new.
Have you started your tea cosy yet? Please let us know how you're getting on! We'd love to hear about your plans and see some progress pictures. You can post your progress to twitter using the hash tag #tckteacosy and your post will appear on our website (provided your account isn't private, as we can only show public tweets). Or email us at tckteacosy@gmail.com and we'll add your picture to our gallery!

Ready, Set... Go!

While we start accepting teacosy entries from January 1st, there is no reason to wait that long before getting started! The competition has officially kicked off and it's time to start browsing for awesome teacosy patterns, sharpen your pencils and put your thinking cap on if you want to design your own, or to dig out and dust off that teacosy you made a few years ago.

Need some inspiration to get started? Have a look at some free knitting and crochet patterns on Ravelry, or how about this selection of free teacosy patterns which includes some amazing quilted, sewn, knitted, crocheted and felted patterns.